BEST is a high-end body-sculpting center located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was created by the physicians of Dermatology Consultants. BEST offers revolutionary cosmetic procedures to firm, tighten, and sculpt the body without surgery.

Popcorn, Indiana

Yes, it’s a real brand. Inspired by a real small town in the heart of corn country. Population 42. And yet, somehow it’s more than just a place. It’s a time, a philosophy, a way of life. Honest and wholesome – just like the popcorn that bears its name.


Root + Arrow is an organic, plant-based meal subscription service located in New orleans, Louisiana. The logo captures both the high-end and bohemian feel of the customers who have embraced this lifestyle and service. The triangle represents an abstract rooted vegetable, while the arrow represents the delivery aspect of the business. 

maitri farm

Maitri is an organic farm in upstate New York inspired by Eastern philosophies. In fact, "maitri" is the belief that only by truly loving yourself can you spread loving kindness to others.


Chicago Theological Seminary is a progressive Christian seminary located in Chicago, Illinois. The flame not only represents their passion for social justice, but also spells out the letters "CTS" which the school is most commonly referred as.


Kaia Yoga is a complete wellness center with multiple locations across Connecticut. The essence of the brand is in the very name itself – "kaia" which means "pure". The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and the circle represents "complete" wellness.

iraq key project

An awareness campaign to help displaced Iraqi Refugees. 

A home healthcare company with locations across the state of New Jersey. Their "total care" philosophy is revolutionizing in-home care by partnering with specialists and offering new technology for patients. The circle not only represents this total care concept, but also creates the eyepiece of the magnify glass that is formed by the C and F.

city mission boston

City Mission Boston is a 200 year-old organization that helps fight poverty and reduce homelessness. Wanting to expand their focus beyond the city of Boston, this "helping hand" also is the state of Massachusetts.




Helio Health is a Life Science Consulting Group based in New Jersey. Helio is a greek word meaning "of or related to the sun." The company uses the latest in data science to "shed light" and provide insights to their clients. The name is also a nod to their founder who is of Greek descent. 


Deluxe is a pest control company located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The ant is in essence their "mascot" and a large metal sculpture of one can be seen crawling up their sign from the interstate.


Gellé is my side business of custom stationery, invitations, and designs. A nickname derived from Angelle and an accent for my French heritage. Pronounced "jelly".

dan alexander

Dan is an international glass blowing artist with work in museums, galleries, and many private collections across the globe.


A New Orleans brand of seasoned oyster crackers. This passed down family recipe is sold in grocery and retail locations throughout Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida. "Creole Crack" is a fun, savory snack that is truly addictive.


Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, is a debilitating disability. Basically, sufferers cannot recognize faces. Imagine everyone always seeming like a stranger. When you consider the implications of this, it makes life very difficult. Face blind people usually withdraw with anxiety and depression. The logo is part of an awareness campaign to shed light on this condition.